The Catch up Game

“Find the distance between two points located on a Cartesian plane using a range of strategies, including graphing software (ACMNA214)”

Developing an ‘ICT rich’ unit plan could be one of the simplest tasks possible with such a content descriptor, except that it’s not. This task isn’t about simply creating the unit plan your old school used, meeting your old content descriptors. Transforming the way students use and adapt to ICTs is one of the main elements of this course.

If i were required to create a word limited blog post every other day, then the desire to do so would be fleeting, however when given the flexibility of choice i feel a need, a desire to meet a certain standard in my writing. This holds true for your average high school students. If restricted to a simple “complete this, in this way, because I’ve said so” then students will lose all drive to excel, to meet those HOTS that we as teachers are expected to encourage.

It’s not a simple task formulating an effective and efficient assessment task around such a concise descriptor, that’s why a combination of descriptors should be utilised.

“Compare data displays using mean, median and range to describe and interpret numerical data sets in terms of location (centre) and spread (ACMSP283)”

Combining descriptors in an effective way can help elevate student’s understanding of the simple underlying tasks embed within them, as well as transforming their potential, a change of medium, a transformation of curriculum, the possibilities are endless within the modern classroom, and will be explored in a later post.



ICTs and their implications.

I’ve always found myself exposed to or surrounded by the technological world. It started when i was very young as well, my dad always had a fascination with that world and it’s thus imprinted on all of us children. However that doesn’t quite help me when I’m asked what i know about ICTs, more specifically how i have/can/will implement them to positively affect my learning and teaching in the years ahead.

What are ICTs?

Outside of a more formal definition i find that ICTs can be any variant of a ‘space aged’ technology that appear to be here to help, allow me to expand;

In the current teaching world many schools are finding it difficult to effectively implement a laptop program, something i was quite comfortable working with both when i was in school, and now. The newest suggestion that is making it’s way through is the BYOD program; Bring Your Own Device. This can create many an issue and complication for those unfamiliar with the form this takes for different students. Developing an understanding of ICTs as a whole isn’t just going to help deliver a lesson in the moment, but help deliver a lesson to students over the time they’re with you.

ICTs and the learning capabilities.

It’s so easily overlooked, the possibilities students hold in their hands when they’re texting or doing the wrong thing. As a teacher it’s my aim to help students help themselves. Holding a smart phone with internet access is the same as holding all the information that exists, ever. It’d be a wonderful thing for us as educators to help and guide students in accessing such a vast resource, not just in our classroom but on their way home, to work, whilst they’re bored and when they’re troubled and their examiner isn’t responding to an email. There are apps and tools constantly being developed to help students interlink and combine knowledge, as an educator it is my goal to understand the knowledge they posses and help to un-tap it for them in a safe, learning environment, whichever form that may take.

My First(?) Blog Post.

So for strictly aesthetic reasons i choose to change this post even though the original descriptor fairly accurately describes my understanding of this task. I’m very excited to undertake a new step in my educational career, and although i feel this may not help me with the subtle and sincere connections that many other course members may experience, this may well help improve my ability to both vent and ‘push aside’ those moments that may bother me most in the coming semester. I hope those that read and pursue the inevitable catastrophe are more impressed than inspired that I’ve made it this far as a functioning human.